Gord Bamford Is It Friday Yet?

Yes, Gord Bamford, it is Friday (I listened to this album on Friday), but I'm not sure why Bamford cares, necessarily. Considering he's a successful country musician who has been releasing albums since 2001 and his newest album was sponsored by Ford (what is up with that? Don't musicians generally endorse car companies, not the other way around?), I'm pretty sure the regular workweek does not apply to him. This observation just lends itself to the fact that the tracks that make up Is It Friday Yet? strike the listener as just as disingenuous as the blue collar platitude that graces his album's cover. Disingenuous, yes, but also catchy, of course. "You Make it Better" is cute, in a Willie Nelson sort of way; "I Call it Country" is an anthemic country song; and "Farm Girl Strong" is described by Samford as having "radio written all over it," in the liner notes. They say that you're your worst critic, but apparently Samford is his most complimentary one. This means that Bamford's worst critic slot must still be open; I'll take it! (Royalty)