Giuliano Sorgini's Unreleased '70s Album 'Sounds from the Far Space' Unearthed

Stream the entire spaced-out set ahead of its vinyl release
Giuliano Sorgini's Unreleased '70s Album 'Sounds from the Far Space' Unearthed
Coming in the wake of several great 2019 reissues, Italian library visionary Giuliano Sorgini is once again being celebrated in 2020. With some help by Sonor Music Editions, the previously unreleased album Sounds from the Far Space will arrive this month via the newly launched imprint Musica Per Immagini.

Perhaps best known for his classic soundtracks to Zoo Folle and The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, Sorgini recorded the tracks from Sounds from the Far Space in 1973, yet they will only now see their first release.

According to Musica Per Immagini, the songs were "inspired by the immensity of a sky full of stars, intended to be used for some television documentaries, while the competition between United States and Soviet Union was high and the stars were getting closer and closer."

The label goes on to explain the following:

Sounds from the Far Space is an album about travelling without moving in space, with the dark and dreamy moods of the composer... The nine tracks by Giuliano Sorgini stimulate the listener's imagination and let you floating in a third dimension, where elements of classical and electronic music, both with a strong communicative character, are merged and continually mixed up, between echoes and reverberations in the background. The prolonged repetition of tones and the almost imperceptible timbral variations don't hinder the harmonic weaving, explained by piano and flute, or obscure the psychedelic solutions adopted by the composer resulting from an appropriate use of the first synthesizers. How far can we go?

The vinyl version of Sounds from the Far Space will arrive on January 13, and you can pre-order it now. It will come as a limited pressing of 300 copies on black 180-gram vinyl.

You can also stream the entire album below.

Sounds from the Far Space closely follows Sonor's recent reissue of Sorgini's Un Urlo Dalle Tenebre.