Ghostface Killah More Fish

Coming so closely on the heels of a little joint called Fishscale, it’d be easy to naysay this album as simply scraps from Ghostface’s table. But, packed as it may be, it’s his table, which means that leftover halibut bones from him are like Almas caviar for most MCs. Since this is ostensibly a Theodore Unit album (yet another Wu spin-off no one can really place), they’re all over this, but it’s really only Trife Da God who’s worth your time. Ghost’s actual son, the semi-decent Sun God, also gets some shine, and their father/son duet "Street Opera” is pretty hot, but mostly because his dad is Ghostface! As Ghost is increasingly concerned with "what’s good,” you not only get "Good” but also "You Know I’m No Good” with Brit booze hound Amy Winehouse, which is what mainstream pop-hop duets wish they could be. There’s solid production here from MF Doom on a couple tracks and Hi-Tek’s amazing "Josephine,” which he dropped first on his own album, but ultimately, this is about the man with his Wallabees up on the head of the table, and for that all you need is "Ghost is Back” and "Alex (Stolen Script).” (Def Jam)