GFOTY Empire Garage, Austin TX, March 19

GFOTY Empire Garage, Austin TX, March 19
Photo: Ellie Pritts
GFOTY, or GirlFriend Of The Year, exploded onto the stage with two backup dancers, wearing a matching pink sweat suit combo that read, "More Sun Please" and blasted "Lover." She's as manic and theatrical live as on record, and commented that the crowd "Looks soooo good" as she pointed at individuals in the front row and told them, "I like your smile!"

GFOTY played coy with the audience and danced a rudimentary choreography between her muscly studs that suggested they'd definitely rehearsed, but not like a big-budget pop star does. (It was charmingly DIY.) Insane sub bass underlined "Don't Wanna / Let's Do It" and "USA," and by "Buy Me a Drink," the room was shaking, and GFOTY's dancers were almost in the audience partying with the crowd.

The whole set was a grotesquerie of what it means to be a diva. GFOTY's lyrics characterize her as a vengeful, manipulative and bossy lover, and so she should be: She's the girlfriend of the year (a fluid title that refers, conveniently, to whatever year it happens to be).
The drama of the whole thing continued into slower tracks, in which GFOTY swayed with her dancers as the lights mimicked sunlight breaking through clouds. Then, in typical GFOTY fashion, she shoved them away to perform "Drown Her."
It was a fascinating set, but there were weirder and better things to come from PC Music's Empire Garage showcase.