The Gertrudes "Derby Girl"

The Gertrudes 'Derby Girl'
Kingston, ON country folks the Gertrudes have announced their sophomore album, Till the Morning Shows Her Face to Me, to be released on Apple Crisp Records this fall. To give you a taste of what's in store, we're happy to share a stream of album opener "Derby Girl."

 Utilizing the Gertrudes' enormous lineup, "Derby Girl" builds a remarkable cacophony from its acoustic guitar intro, showcasing some hooky pop rock that brings the goods and then some. Check out a stream of the track below, along with the album's tracklisting and the band's upcoming shows.

Till the Morning Shows Her Face to Me:

1. "Derby Girl"

2. "Six Jars"

3. "Dreams"

4. "Good People"

5. "Flashbulbs & Catcalls"

6. "Carolina"

7. "Summer Plans"

8. "Yellow Yard"

9. "Passage"

10. "Lonely Days"

Tour dates:

 7/15-17 Kearney, ON - the River and Sky Festival
7/23 Wolfe Island, ON - the Wolfe Island Grill
8/3 Kingston, ON - The Mansion

8/19-21 Aylmer, ON - Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic Weekend