Georgia Anne Muldrow Worthnothings

You may have heard Georgia Anne Muldrow on the Platinum Pied Pipers acclaimed set Triple P or through her association with funk freaks Sa-Ra Creative Partners but she’s unequivocally an artist who can stand on her own outside the influence of these future funk pioneers. This EP, previously a limited edition release, is entirely written composed and produced and mixed by Muldrow. Yet she is quick to expose her frailties and vulnerabilities. On opening track "Larva,” Muldrow is sounding a cathartic call for a spiritual rebirth over dusty hip-hop beats and restrained synths. The soundscape is remarkably upbeat given the reflective subject matter, yet Muldrow thrives on incongruities and paradoxes. "Nothingness,” perhaps the most immediate song here, suddenly becomes disarming when Muldrow breaks into a rap casually disclosing contemplating suicide at seven years old. The least lyrically cryptic of the songs, "Lo Mein,” is a simple declaration of low-maintenance love is composed in an awkward three-quarter time signature where she declares: "I’m a simple woman with a million things to do.” Masterfully channelling hip-hop, blues and jazz influences effortlessly, while wrestling with the self-doubt and challenges of everyday life, Muldrow’s music is not only therapeutic to her but to anyone who hears it. (Stones Throw)