Gentleman Reg "Waiting Around for Gold" (video)

Gentleman Reg 'Waiting Around for Gold' (video)
Toronto-based indie-rocker romancer Gentleman Reg took some time last year teasing out his latest album, choosing to release it in three EP instalments before compiling them all together onto one disc. Now that we've had a few months to sit with the new synth-pop-driven Leisure Life, Gentleman Reg has delivered a brand new video for "Waiting Around for Gold."

The video features a baby-faced Reg in his usual cloaked-out attire, but he is hardly the only highlight of this skin-filled video. Amidst a whirlwind of cheekbones, jaw lines, and gold-painted chests, like the gentleman he is, Reg gives us the full treatment, with gold oozing rock formations, tasselled leather jackets and rolling fog lending visuals to the woozy synths of the song. And though this video does flash a few nipples, it's still 100 percent safe for work.

Leisure Life is out now via Outside.