Regina Gently Channels the Joy of 'Electric Circus' on 'Don't Wait to Love Me'

BY Vish KhannaPublished Sep 23, 2020

After playing some truly incendiary sets and releasing an album as Light Fires, Regina Gently is really, really ready for her close up. With no hesitation or self-consciousness, Gently brings us back to the fun, empowering pop of 1980s stars like Prince and Madonna with the hooky, sassy songs of Don't Wait to Love Me.

The drag alter ego of Gentleman Reg, Regina Gently is pure id. The proper, modest Reg would rarely dare to be this bold and cocky, as Regina is on the scolding "Any Other Boyfriend" and "Whole Wide World." The persona has prompted more universal outspokenness too: "Good people / Fucked over / Again" she sings with seething resignation on "Good People" and boy, does the Madge ever come shining through on the inspiring "Work it Out."

Tapping into a similar vein as Peaches for raps on "You Can be the Dancefloor" and the call to arms (and legs and torsos) that is "Sex All the Time," Gently is fun, flirty and assertive about what a good time lies ahead for everyone in her vicinity. Canadian TV fans who miss Electric Circus — not to mention everyone else who can't be in a club these days, where the walls and floor are shaking with joy — would do well to crank up Don't Wait to Love Me and lose themselves in the power of positive thinking.
(Fontana North)

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