Genetic Control Brave New World

Despite being pioneers of Montreal’s ’80s hardcore scene, Genetic Control never released an entire album. Brave New World includes the band’s 1984 EP First Impressions and "Suburban Life,” which was also recorded in 1984 for a compilation. After forming in 1983, Genetic Control fast became known for their love of breakneck speeds and oozing talent. Drummer Louis "Lewis” Levesque was known as the "best punk drummer in town” and guitarists Rob Porter and Rob Huppe demonstrated well-crafted tempo changes that led into nice little bass breakdowns courtesy of Doug Crevier. Brave New World kicks off with 19 live tracks recorded in 1998 when the band played an anniversary show to commemorate a Montreal venue, and despite all the time that had passed since the band’s quick demise in 1985, the live material captures the magnetism of Genetic Control’s music. The First Impressions recording has been digitally remastered and this is the first time it has appeared on CD aside from poor quality bootlegs that have been floating around. With 26 tracks in all, this is a comprehensive guide to an outstanding band whose career was unfortunately far too short. (Shadoks)