The Gaslight Anthem Look Ahead to "Weird" New Album

The Gaslight Anthem Look Ahead to 'Weird' New Album
We described the Gaslight Anthem's 2012 album, Handwritten, as "an anthemic, honest, fun rock record." For their next LP, however, the New Jersey band are looking to get a little more adventurous with their sound.

Although Handwritten is just five months old, the group have already set their sights on the follow-up. "We're searching for something new to do with songwriting, rather than just piecing together verses and choruses in more of a traditional sense," frontman Brian Fallon told Rolling Stone. "We're looking for some other thing — not some other genre, but something else. And it might not be the favourite of everyone, but [it] might be the 'weird' album coming up. I'm pretty sure it is."

He likened this upcoming, as-year-untitled album to Pearl Jam's more esoteric mid-'90s work. "I want to do the No Code record, that one," he said. "They did these three rock records, and [then] they all of a sudden went left turn. And everybody went, 'What the hell?' Then later, five years, they went, 'This is amazing.'"

Of course, it makes sense that Gaslight Anthem should branch out stylistically. Fallon's side-project, the Horrible Crowes, ventured away from his main band's Springsteen-esque rock sound with string-assisted folk on their 2011 album Elsie.

Drummer Benny Horowitz confirmed Fallon's assessment that the band will change their sound on their next LP. "It's also part of not resting on your laurels and thinking you did something so good that you don't have to push anymore," he said. "We always think what we do is pretty good when we make it and then we get over it pretty fast and start looking for something else to be inspired by."

Despite the band's eagerness to look to the future, the Gaslight Anthem won't be putting new material out anytime soon. The group will reportedly be on the road until October of next year, and they already have a heap of 2013 dates confirmed (see the schedule here). It's only then that the band will begin working on the new record in earnest.

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