The Gaslight Anthem "National Anthem" (video)

The Gaslight Anthem 'National Anthem' (video)
Last month, the eastern seaboard was rocked by the devastating Hurricane Sandy, with much of the destruction taking place in rockers the Gaslight Anthem's home state of New Jersey. Hoping to help rebuild their native land, the Garden State unit have put together a reflective video on the natural disaster, with hopes to raise funds for the relief effort.

The track culled for the fundraiser is Handwritten's "National Anthem," a suitably solemn but hopeful acoustic number that kicks off with singer Brian Fallon tenderly singing, "I will never forget you, my American love," while shots of people dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane scroll past the screen.

You can help out with the relief effort over at Punk Cares, where Gaslight Anthem are also selling T-shirts to benefit the cause.