Adam Green Garfield

Just when you thought things in the Moldy Peaches camp couldn't get any stranger, along comes co-Peach Adam Green (aka the boy singer) to stir up trouble. Normally dressed up as Peter Pan, or some other storybook character, Green's solo debut is equally as impressive as his band's first outing. Though there's nothing as in-your-face as "Who's Got The Crack" or "NYC Is Like A Graveyard," he does make sure you pay attention. Throwing in rhymes about breast tumours and getting head, as well as songs concerning assaulting a loved one, you have to wonder just how deranged his imagination is. Coming across like a folk singing (or in his case, anti-folk) Eminem, without the 'tude, Green goes right for shock value. His talent is hard to deny, considering the simple genius of tunes like the absurd "Apples, I'm Home" and the hot-steppin' "Dance With Me". Garfield is a very original, enjoyable record with a healthy dose of charm masked with an even larger helping of potty-mouthed lyrics. (Rough Trade)