The Game G.A.M.E.

G.A.M.E. is a compilation of songs from Aftermath recording artist and ex-G-Unit rapper the Game, before he was involved with any of those guys. This is material from when the Game was managed by Bay area rapper JT the Bigga Figga, as he was still letting off steam in the minor leagues, and consequently there isn’t anything that stands out about these songs at all. Basically all gangsta rap, with no block buster tracks, no new sounds, lots of gangsta guests, and no breaks between threats of shooting everybody. "Never Personal” has the Game and an unknown guest breaking down the concept of how no matter what city they happen to be catching hell in, if they’ve got to blow somebody off of their feet, it’s just business, never personal. The Game sounds hungry on the mic for all 12 tracks but his subject matter is too angry too much of the time. As a young MC with a lot to prove, his violence is coupled with the pursuit of the dollar as well. "Getting American Money Easy” is about how besides being a sharp shooter with the pistols, clocking big bank is all the Game knows how to do. This compilation is one for the car during those trips that are likely to get disrupted by shootouts. (Koch)