The Game "Fuck Yo Feelings" (ft. Lil Wayne and Chris Brown)

The Game 'Fuck Yo Feelings' (ft. Lil Wayne and Chris Brown)
Busy Compton rapper the Game is set to release the compilation album Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf later this month. Having already teased the release with a bunch of leaks, he's let loose yet another track.

"Fuck Yo Feelings" is certainly a callous, heartless track as the Game spits Migos-esque triplets atop a smooth street beat. Lil Wayne's billed on the track, but he doesn't offer more than a repetitive, AutoTune-drenched chorus. There's also an appearance from Chris Brown, who spits an incredibly crass verse.

As long as you're not feeling too sensitive, you can stream "Fuck Your Feelings" in full below.