Gallows "Wristslitter"

Gallows 'Wristslitter'
Gallows are getting back to the business of destroying us later this month with their upcoming two-song 7-inch, of which the band has now revealed the menacing, mosh-starting B-side, "Wristslitter."

Though not exactly one of the band's speediest tunes, "Wristslitter" brings up the tempo from previously teased A-side "Chains," offering up stomping mid-tempo grooves and basic, burly power chords. Wade MacNeil growls out downer-styled lines of self-discovery ("I'm not better than this...I can never be something else") before searching for "a better way" in the more melodic, but still bone-crushing chorus.

You'll find the stream down below, while the 7-inch is due June 30 through Gallows' own Venn Records.