Gallows "Seeing Red" (Minor Threat cover)

Gallows 'Seeing Red' (Minor Threat cover)
UK hardcore heavies Gallows are currently prepping their first full-length record with former Alexisonfire member Wade MacNeil, but the band's studio days have clearly had them wanting to let off a little extra steam. The end result: a fiery version of Minor Threat's "Seeing Red."

It's a pretty no-nonsense cover, delivered with the same kind of brisk pacing as the original. There's not much extra flare, though who said it needed any?

MacNeil tears the shit out of those lyrics with his grizzled call, but somehow his throaty, full-steam-ahead delivery seems too straightforward compared to Ian MacKaye's iconic shout. It's like he's already past the breaking point, whereas the Minor Threat dude gets progressively more enraged in the original.

That said, check out the redo down below.