GABI Taps Oneohtrix Point Never for 'Sympathy,' Shares New Track

GABI Taps Oneohtrix Point Never for 'Sympathy,' Shares New Track
Software signee GABI (a.k.a. Gabrielle Herbst) has revealed she'll follow her fall-launched "Koo Koo" single with a full-length LP. The avant-garde composer/vocalist delivers debut album Sympathy to retailers on April 7.

A press release explains that the nine-song set, which includes "Koo Koo," had Herbst collaborating in the studio with percussionist Matthew O'Koren, viola player Rick Quantz, violinist Josh Henderson, and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Roche, under the supervision of producers Daniel Lopatin (a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never) and Paul Corley. The results are said to mix Herbst's classical music training and orchestral touches with "vocal-centric" loops.

In addition to the previously released "Koo Koo," GABI is now streaming the set's soft, second sneak peek, "Fleece". A lush piece featuring "Flower Duet"-styled falsetto vocal harmonies, airy drones, chamber music strings and peaceful but pounded piano keys, you'll find the tune beneath the tracklisting info.


1. Koo Koo

2. Da Void

3. Love Song

4. Mud
5. Falling
6. Where

7. Fleece
8. Home
9. Hymn