G-Eazy and Jeremih "Saw It Coming" (video)

G-Eazy and Jeremih 'Saw It Coming' (video)
It's been a couple of weeks now since the Ghostbusters reboot hit screens, but a new music video supporting the film soundtrack has just materialized. G-Eazy and Jeremih are now getting paranormal in a video for their "Saw It Coming."

As previously reported, the tune finds Young Gerald talking about his rise to the top, while Jeremih offers some smoothly sung vocals of his own. The track also features a shout-out to the O.G. Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker Jr.

As for the visuals, we first see G-Eazy waking up in the middle of a panicked marketplace, which is rife with all sorts of spooky floating ghosts. Without ruining too much, G-Eazy runs into a non-canonical Ghostbuster, while an obviously haunted Jeremih is floating through various planes of reality.

You can catch the video below. Exclaim!'s rather unforgiving review of Ghostbusters can be found here.