FUZZ "Till the End of the Day" (Kinks cover)

FUZZ 'Till the End of the Day' (Kinks cover)
Ty Segall's aptly named side-project FUZZ covered King Crimson on a prior 7-inch, and now they've taken on the Kinks' 1965 single "Till the End of the Day."

The original rendition from The Kink Kontroversy is a peppy garage number, while FUZZ's version adds heaps of distortion, manic drumming and an absolutely face-melter of a guitar solo.

The song is available on 7-inch through Famous Class's LAMC series of split singles and comes backed with "Free the Freaks" by CCR Headcleaner. All digital proceeds go to the musical education non-profit Ariel Panero Memorial Fund. The vinyl officially comes out on January 21 and can be purchased here.