Future Loop Foundation Phunkroc

The Future Loop foundation throw out some splendid drum & bass production in this album. With so much of drum & bass being infected with the darkcore sound, it's nice to see a crew that still blends jazz and funk sounds. Future Loop Foundation takes up after producers like Peshay, and even Roni Size's "It's a jazz thing." The tracks are blended in smoothly throughout the disc; it works fine for the first two tracks, but gets a bit monotonous after a while. The use of stand up bass samples is reminiscent of old EZ Roller tunes, and always gives tracks like "Espionage" a nice jazzy feel. It's nice to know that the Future Loop Foundation can also produce some nice down-tempo tracks, such as "Coming Down." The problem with this album is that it is quite safe. Future Loop Foundation follows the trail made by Moving Shadow compilations mixed by Carlito, the Rollers, and Flytronix. (M21)