Hot Hot Heat Spinoff Fur Trade Return with "Christmas in a Cage" Video

Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays and Parker Bossley have brought their duo back

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 6, 2022

Vancouver pop rock duo Fur Trade haven't released any new music in nearly a decade, but Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays and Parker Bossley returned this year with the single "Christmas in a Cage," which now has a music video.

The theatrical song begins with a dramatic overture, before turning into a fun funk jam — and the video reflects that dichotomy, beginning with snowy landscape scenes before turning into a goofy party. It finds Bays and Bossley playing in the snow and goofing around beside the fire with a dog.

It was directed by Bays himself and is out through Light Organ Records. Check it out below.

We recently interviewed Bays about the 20th anniversary of Hot Hot Heat's Make Up the Breakdown.

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