Funeral for a Friend Tales Don't Tell Themselves

What we have here is an easy listen, best demonstrated by the ultra-radio friendly "The Diary,” with its digitally polished vocals and simple yet catchy drumming and guitars. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any abrasiveness and that Funeral for a Friend are making music for the mainstream. "All Hands on Deck Pt. 1: Raise the Sail” and "Out of Reach” are the best tracks this CD has to offer and are reminiscent of Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation. "All Hands on Deck Pt. 2: Open Water” is more epic and designed to serve as the ballad. These Welsh boys have come a long way since Seven Ways to Scream Your Name, when they were looking to be a part of the screamo scene, and are now radio ready rock. However, FFAF haven’t shown any real musical progression since Hours. This CD is riddled with nautical references, artwork and lyrics, giving the impression that FFAF were out at sea when this record was made (Atlantic)