Fucked Up Reveal Another New Concept Album, Share Track

Fucked Up Reveal Another New Concept Album, Share Track
We recently heard a cut from David Comes to Life, the new rock opera from Canadian hardcore heroes Fucked Up. Almost two months before that set arrives on June 7 via Matador, the group will release a companion LP on Record Store Day (April 16).

Entitled David's Town, it's another crazy concept album from the ever-unpredictable Toronto rockers. This one will focus on the fictional British town of Byrdesdale Spa, which is the same place where David Comes to Life is set. Supposedly taking place in 1977, David's Town features a slew of fake bands from the era, all played by Fucked Up themselves.

This will give the band a chance to imitate late-'70s music under a number of pseudonyms. In an update on their official blog, Fucked Up posted the David's Town album cover, which contains a list of all of the fictional groups that will appear on the compilation. They are:

Porcelain on Porcelain
Crown and Criers
Gacy and the Boys
Animal Man
The Wavy Originals
In Good Company
Hateful Coil
Das Schwäche

Assuming that each fictional band has one track, there will be 11 songs in total. Go here to download "Do You Feed" by Animal Man. It's a poppy punk track, complete with exaggerated English accents, tinny drums and a goofy spoken word break.

The jokey blog post says: "Instead of recording any new music, why don't we just release this compilation album from 1977 we'd been sitting on since from before we were all born? We found like 750 copies of this great comp so we're gonna just use that."

So by the sound of things, there will be 750 copies of David's Town coming to indie record shops on April 16. If you want to get a copy for yourself, you're going to have to move fast.

The David Comes to Life track "The Other Shoe" is below.