Fuck the Facts Premiere Trailer for Their Upcoming Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie

Fuck the Facts Premiere Trailer for Their Upcoming <i>Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie</i>
It's no secret the guys and gals of Exclaim!'s Aggressive Tendencies section are massive nerds for grindcore outfit Fuck the Facts. The release of their latest album, Disgorge Mexico, was a big deal around here. Therefore, it's with great pleasure that we are able to share news that filmmaker David Hall has teamed up with the Ottawa-based band to create a movie in the album's honour.

Dubbed Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie, writer/director Hall has created a rather unusual tale that's just as chaotic and jarring as the band's music. As he notes in the trailer's official press release, it's "a violent, hallucinatory depiction of one woman's strange journey, set to the soundtrack of Fuck the Facts' Disgorge Mexico."

He goes on to state that the film is "a substance abuse art house riff on the destructive and volatile nature of love," and features costumes created by Arch Enemy singer Angela Gossow's favourite designer, Nekro. The trailer for Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie is available here.

This is not Hall's first album-inspired film. His debut feature film, Axis of Eden: The Movie, was based on experimental noise metal outfit Today Is the Day's album of the same name. Hall is also in the midst of working with sludge metal duo Jucifer in the same capacity.

Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie will be available soon, both as a digital download and as a limited-edition DVD. In the meantime, you can read up on Disgorge Mexico in Exclaim!'s cover story on Fuck the Fact from August '08 here.