Fuck the Facts / The Great Collapse El Mocambo, Toronto ON May 9

Fuck the Facts / The Great Collapse El Mocambo, Toronto ON May 9
Photo: Denise Falzon
As one of Canada's leading acts in today's underground metal scene, the grinders in Fuck the Facts returned to Toronto to play a show with complete and wholehearted intensity. That's what their fans expected and that's what was delivered.

Warming the audience up for FTF was Toronto ON's the Great Collapse. The progressive death metal band's set mostly included tracks from their recently released self-titled full-length debut, such as "Morning Mass Suicide" and the catchy "Devolve." TGC began their set with the powerful death metal heaviness of "A Big Bright Tomorrow," which is undoubtedly one of their best songs and showcases vocalist Angela Wheeler's incredible menacing growls.

The band's performance of "The Constant" and "The Eternal Pull" especially highlighted Luke Roberts' chugging riffs and structured guitar work, as well as Cameron Warrack's extreme blast beat drumming. TGC also played two new tunes entitled "Trauma" and "Mating Rituals," which ended their forceful set.

But Ottawa ON's FTF owned the night as they showed intense musicianship throughout their set. The grindcore band's set was mostly comprised of tunes from their latest Relapse Records release Disgorge Mexico. They began their set with the powerful "Absence and Despite," which set the tone for the rest of their performance.

Melanie Mongeon's vocals were strong and unyielding as she screamed and growled the lyrics of the visceral tunes "The Storm" and "La Culture Du Faux." FTF also performed "The Sound of Your Smashed Head" from 2006's Stigmata High-Five. But the highlight of their set was "The Pile of Flesh You Carry," which included the intense and chaotic grindcore style combined with intervals of heavy groove structures.

Although FTF's short eight-song set left their audience wanting more, the band brought to the table every inch of force and passion they had, resulting in a top-quality high-energy performance.