Fuck the Facts Demo

Incorporate fret board dynamics that make you want to head bang into somewhat slower tempo grooves and a tech tag back into the sonic destruction and you've got a good start on fucking the facts. It’s a nice blend of the two predominate metal categories, death and black, with a lot of high speed tech metal to bridge the gap. The vocals are a cruel snarl bleating inaudible banshee cries. At times it's quite reminiscent of Cryptopsy but on a more melodic scale. The second track opens with soft picking over a French sample and leads into an emotional take on Emperor and Anaal Nathrakh. Scales are mutilated as they cross into a Dillinger take on black metal and then just as quickly as it began they revert into tremolo madness. Most of the record is completely pummelling, whether it be drifting into a moshcore breakdown or brain melting tremolo. They’re fucking the facts right out of music, crossing boundaries always keeping ideas fresh, but not in the disjointed, endless way many modern spazz acts like to perform. It's nice to know Canada can still produce metal acts with international potential. (Independent)