Adam Green Friends of Mine

Moldy Peach Adam Green has improved the anti-folk home recordings of his debut, Garfield, with sparkling, orchestral pop that has actually seen the inside of a proper studio. This sudden change from rags to riches doesn’t take away from Green’s crude sense of humour and absurd brain waves, mind you. Friends of Mine is a more, ahem, mature effort, if you can envision such a thing. His exceptional imagination is incomparable, with rhymes that create both moments of laughter and discomfort. There is a raw talent in him that is hard to deny, even when he’s singing about making love to a woman with no legs. The experimental buggery of his amateurish first record seems to have left his system, as Green has chosen a simple approach now, with the sound of a full band and flattering string arrangements. If he continues to release such agreeable solo records, the idea of keeping the Moldy Peaches intact may become as illogical as Timberlake flogging that dead horse known as *NSYNC. (Rough Trade)