Fresh Snow Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, June 19

Fresh Snow Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, June 19
Photo: Kevin Jones
It's hard to decipher what exactly went wrong for Fresh Snow last night (June 19), but after an incredible set by Foxes In Fiction, the band took the stage and weren't able to make a lasting impression with the crowd.
Their set began with a barrage of drones, big crashes and thrashing riffs, slowly building up into more textured noise rock. The sound was nice, and the monstrous group shreds were fun to watch, but on a level of song structure, fluidity and stage presence, the band fell flat, and nothing really stuck out after the first half of their set.
Their performance tended to drag and though there were moments in which the crowd seemed to vibe with them, but never lasted long enough for the audience to really engage with. Fresh Snow definitely possess the energy and technical skills needed to be a great live band — indeed, they've made their name on it — but this time they were a few ingredients short of achieving a good performance.