Freddie Gibbs "Pronto" (video)

Freddie Gibbs 'Pronto' (video)
Wanna see a new Freddie Gibbs video, like, right now? Well, don't delay yourselves any longer, as you can now stream the especially slithery and serpentine visuals supporting the title cut to the Gary, ID rapper's recent EP, Pronto. Fair warning, though: If you've got a mean case of Ophidiophobia, you may want to stay away.

As you'll see down below, our man Gibbs is more than comfortable sharing a bathtub with a dozen or so forked-tongue snakes, just letting them wrap themselves around his body as he rolls off his bars above the beat. Late in the game, he also has a couple ladies into the tub. It's a very big tub.

If you want to see the bare-chested spitter showing off his, ahem, pythons while rhyming about thug life and shouting-out Toronto, you can peep the "Pronto" video down below.