Fred Squire's March 12 Reissue Gets Release Date

Fred Squire's <i>March 12</i> Reissue Gets Release Date
A true Maritime man about town, Fred Squire has had his hand in the bands Shotgun & Jaybird, Calm Down It's Monday and various Julie Doiron collaborations, including their work on Mount Eerie's Lost Wisdom and Daniel, Fred & Julie with Attack in Black's Dan Romano. For someone this prolific, however, we don't seem to be hearing from Squire on his own very often. Fortunately, his previously tour-only EP March 12 will be getting a proper release this fall.

In a recent interview with Exclaim!, Eric's Trip mastermind Rick White revealed that March 12 would be getting a vinyl reissue via his own Blue Fog Recordings.

"It's a really great record," White said. "[Squire] gave us a few more songs to work with, we're putting it out on twelve-inch, and I think it's ten songs now. If you've heard the EP, he gave us the original files so we could master it properly and it's sounding real good. He did a great job; he's the king of making old gear work."

According to a new listing, March 12 is now getting its re-release on November 2. In the meantime, the haunting tracks "You Sing Low And We Will Sing High" and "Theme From A Northern Movie" are available for streaming via Weird Canada.

March 12:

1. "What's That Over There A Dead Rainbow?"

2. "You Sing Low And We Will Sing High"

3. "Old Times Past New Times"

4. "The Future Of Tradition"

5. "Pretty Bird"

6. "It Is In The Water"

7. "We Are All The Middle Child"

8. "The Gambler Never Wins"

9. "As Long As One Sun Could Shine"

10. "Theme From A Northern Movie"