Fred Anderson 21st Century Chase

A godfather of Chicago free-jazz, Fred Anderson is an outstanding example of persistence and dedication to personal artistic vision. Over the five decades, he has remained true to himself as an artist, and the results of that commitment are evident every time he steps up to the mic on this three-track live blow out. Joined by long-time collaborator and tenor saxist Kidd Jordan (a New Orleans free-jazz godfather), Anderson is continually stoked by an adoring, full-house audience for his 80th birthday celebration/concert/recording. The first track kicks out the jams with full-throated tenor squalls from both horn players. Beautifully recorded in the live setting at Anderson's much-loved Velvet Lounge, drummer Chad Taylor delivers creative, multi-dimensional support. Bassist Harrison Bankhead's impassioned solo starts "21st Century Chase Part II," in which the two tenors come out blasting in the new century's answer to Coltrane's "Ascension," with Jordan inserting a quote from 'Trane's "Cousin Mary." Anderson swings too, true to his unique, personal approach to melodic jazz phrasing and construction on "Ode to Alvin Fielder," backed by the tasteful guitar of Jeff Parker. This is gutsy music. (Delmark)