Frankie Rose Goes 'Interstellar' on New Solo LP

Frankie Rose Goes 'Interstellar' on New Solo LP
Having previously played drums for Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls, Frankie Rose recast herself as a frontwoman for her 2010 full-length without ever straying too far from the sound of her former collaborators. She'll apparently be switching up the formula when she releases her latest album, Interstellar, on February 21 via Slumberland Records.

The album was produced by remix artist (and Fischerspooner ensemble member) Le Chev. "I wanted [Interstellar] to be totally different, and I knew I had to work with someone who would lend fresh ideas," Rose said in an announcement. "I wanted to make a particular record and I knew Le Chev would be the one who could help me do it."

This means that the reverb-heavy fuzz-pop is gone and replaced by "the confident swagger of a singer and auteur building the simplest of pop moves into aching, full-blown melodramas, grabbing hold of an emotion and riding its darker waves." According to a separate announcement, Interstellar is "an icy blend of buffered beats, cascading chords and steely synths."

Rose explained that "The whole record is about dreaming of some 'other' place." Unlike her 2010 album, this one is credited to her alone (instead of with her band the Outs). It will be preceded by the seven-inch single "Know Me" on January 17. This is apparently "a gorgeous piece of widescreen pop, dreamy and driving at the same time," and it evokes "the best of mid-'80s pop–Smiths, New Order." A remix from Le Chev is on the B-side.

Below, listen to Rose's dreamy, synth-spiked cover of the Strokes' "Soma" from Stereogum's tribute to Is This It. According to her official website, this will appear on Interstellar.

UPDATE: It looks like "Soma" won't be on the album after all. See the tracklist below.


1. "Interstellar"
2. "Know Me"
3. "Gospel/Grace"
4. "Daylight Sky"
5. "Pair of Wings"
6. "Had We Had It"
7. "Night Swim"
8. "Apples for the Sun"
9. "Moon In My Mind"
10. "The Fall"