Frankie Cosmos The Rec Room, Toronto ON, May 5

Frankie Cosmos The Rec Room, Toronto ON, May 5
Photo: Morgan Hotston
What started out as the lo-fi, bedroom recordings of Greta Kline, Frankie Cosmos have bloomed into a fully realized and cohesive live act. The first show to sell out on the band's current tour in support of Vessel, Frankie Cosmos bounded onstage to roars of delight. Opening with "Caramelize," the lead track off Vessel, Kline and company ripped through a good chunk of the record's 18 tracks.
Previously released singles "Being Alive" and "Apathy" sounded even better in a live setting and encouraged the crowd to blissfully dance and sway amongst one another. Halfway through the set, someone passed two handmade paintings of Joejoe, Kline's dog whom she has sung about for years, up front to her. It was an extremely considerable gesture that did not go unappreciated by Kline.
Her onstage presence was what you'd expect from her recordings, and then some. She was congenial and energetic, silly and grateful. Whether joyfully bouncing around with her guitar or sitting on her feet mid-riff, the warm energy between Kline and her three bandmates effortlessly translated from stage to crowd. Lauren Martin was stoic and strong, regardless of whether she was on second guitar, keys, or offering up additional vocals. When Kline started to play the vocal melody to ABBA's "Mamma Mia," Martin sweetly sung the chorus with a cheeky grin on her face. Bassist Alex Bailey's vocals sounded excellent on "Ballad of R & J," while drummer Luke Pyenson's hard hits kept any outside chatter at bay and held the performance down.
Frankie Cosmos delivered an energetic, warm and enjoyable performance. They showed no signs of faltering, despite playing a venue that seemed less than ideal, and ensured that their gratitude for everyone who came out did not go unsaid.

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