Frankie Cosmos Close It Quietly

Frankie Cosmos Close It Quietly
Over the past five years, Frankie Cosmos' name has grown synonymous with the dreamy sound implied by terms like dream-pop or bedroom-pop. Close It Quietly is the fourth studio album by Frankie Cosmos, and adheres to the sound listeners have grown to expect while continuing to evolve and bring new ideas to her discography.
The 21-song tracklist allows for the album to have various high points, as new musical concepts come and go. Low tones from guitars and bass blend on "So Blue," while soft vocals wallow in self-pity. The song effortlessly builds to a subtle peak without ever feeling rushed.
"Rings (On a Tree)" features distinct triad-based vocal melodies, signature to Frankie Cosmos. The snares pop sharply and the cymbals ring lightly, never distracting the listener from the subject of each song. Introspective lyrics perfectly sum up the FOMO of a homebody's night in on "Marbles."
Frankie Cosmos continues to succeed at condensing the task of processing feelings down into short minute-ish long songs. The pace of the album is set at a brisk run, but it never gets sweaty, so you'd never notice how quick it is — or how hard it's working. Close It Quietly is composed and meticulous in flow, flawlessly delivering reserved passion. (Sub Pop)