Frank Turner Rock & Roll

Recorded in three days before Christmas, Frank Turner continues his folk-punk approach on this enjoyable five-song EP. Opener "I Still Believe" is a raucous anthem that apparently became a fan favourite during Turner's summer touring (he spliced in recordings of audiences shouting along in the track), starting the disc on a bouncy note. Turner's raspy voice, coupled with boozy piano lines, dancing beats and a contagious melody, will immediately counteract any foul mood. "Rock & Roll Romance" is a short acoustic song, with Turner finger-picking by his lonesome, while on "The Absent Friend," he's rocking out, pulling on nostalgia's loose threads, singing to an old friend. With a full-length slated for spring, which will feature "I Still Believe," Turner has raised expectations on the strength of this very satisfying EP. (Xtra Mile)