Foxtrott Meditations II

Foxtrott Meditations II
On Meditations II, Foxtrott's Marie-Hélène L. Delorme inlays her inner reflections into orbits of synth and groove.
Not that rhythm-led compositions were unfamiliar territory for Delorme — 2015's excellent A Taller Us was anchored by its percussive textures. But Meditations II, part of a sequence of EPs recorded in Oaxaca, Mexico, showcases Delorme's growing mastery of beat and melody alike.
"Better With You" opens with rhythmic slink: bending synth and drum into elastic, versatile layers, it heightens its sentiments as it loops them around. Instrumental "Melting Woods" sets a more exploratory pace, inverting the usual between-instrument relationship to let the drumbeat flourish and riff while a bassy line grounds the proceedings. "For As Long As" grows from an electronic pulse with minimalist percussion into a turbulent flurry of elements, backing lines like "prayed my way to bed last night I / held you like one holds on to light."
All three EPs will bundle into a complete album in the fall, but even in piecemeal form, Meditations II finds Delorme increasingly able to bend sounds to her every command. (Independent)