Fox Jaws Goodbye Doris

Toothy grins and hats that hide your face, messenger bags and holey Converse, greasy hair and blazers. Those holes weren’t planted on your shoes, those hats not strategically placed, that hair not purposely unwashed; it’s who they are. It’s who we are. Void of every fad and gimmick, Fox Jaws are real people; they live, die, breathe and create just like you and I. But what they create is on the verge of brilliance, what they live are lives worth documentation, when they die it sounds amazing, when they breathe it brings the audience to life. "Karmonica” sounds like a song we never had the talent or time to write. Gorgeous indie rock is overdone and with this level of honesty it’s hit or miss. However, albums like Goodbye Doris will bring back the feeling that music is so much more than what it simply is. It’s in everything we do. Just hear "Couple of Pops,” which recalls post-rock Broken Social Scene-esque beauty but with more focus, and can easily soundtrack any walk through the city on a chilly day, hands dug in pockets, nose wet and red. Listen to "Hitchcock Camera Trick,” which hollows out edgier Bowie interpretations, in your headphones on the subway and you may never be able to wake from such emotions. Once known as Doris Day, Barrie, ON’s Fox Jaws already know you; do you know them? (Chaulk)