Four Year Strong "One Step at a Time" on Exclaim! TV

Four Year Strong 'One Step at a Time' on Exclaim! TV
It's hard to believe that Tiny Record Shop made room for the big sounds and powerful voices of Four Year Strong's Dan O'Connor and Alan Day, but they managed to pack it all in for an acoustic session.

After last June's release of their self-titled LP, the remainder of 2015 saw the Massachusetts foursome facing the road for a hefty promotional tour. Despite their busy schedule, they managed to swing by the record store, where we caught half the band performing a few old favourites.

In the previous episode, O'Connor and Day gave us a flashback to 2011's In Some Way, Shape, or Form with their bluesy jam "Stuck in the Middle." This time, the duo take us back to 2010 with a cut from their Enemy of the World LP, "One Step at a Time." Trading optimistic lyrics back and forth that discuss overcoming grief, they entranced us with their warm, melodic, stripped-back pop-punk goodness before heading on their way yet again.

Watch their performance of "One Step at a Time" in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres

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