Four Tet Previews New Album with "Loved"

"'Loved' is the first track on the new album which is coming soon. Just finishing the artwork and making the vinyl and CDs," says Kieran Hebden

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 10, 2024

The ever-prolific Four Tet technically hasn't released a solo album since 2020, when he dropped Sixteen Oceans, followed swiftly by the surprise-released Parallel and 871. However, he's gearing up for a new one, and has now shared its opening track, "Loved."

The artist born Kieran Hebden said the record is "coming soon" in an Instagram story, writing, "Just finishing the artwork and making the vinyl and CDs." With details being scarce, it's unclear whether the LP will include last year's single "Three Drums" — one of the Best Songs of 2023.

"Loved" finds Hebden marrying a wandering, celestial keyboard groove with a funk drumbeat as thunder comes crashing in. Listen to the track below.


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