Fotocrime Always Hell

Fotocrime Always Hell
In 2015, after 12 years and five albums, Louisville, KY post-hardcore trio Coliseum went on hiatus. Now, after officially calling it quits on that band, frontman Ryan Patterson emerges with his new solo project, dubbed Fotocrime.
Patterson — who now goes by the name R.Pattern — has completely reinvented himself with the release of his debut three-song EP, Always Hell. Coliseum's later material shifted more into noise-rock/new wave territory, and Fotocrime takes it to the next level, fully committing to a synth-ridden goth rock/post-punk sound.
Always Hell comprises sharp, catchy rhythms and layers of electronic elements, as well as Patterson's distinct drawl. The EP starts off with the dynamic title track, featuring an unforgettable melody and alluring gothic vocals, while the hypnotic guitar riffs and drums on "Plate Glass Eyes" emit an anxious, unnerving vibe. Closer "Tectonic Shift" features minimal instrumentation, creepy tones and low, crooning vocals that come together to create a dark, haunting atmosphere.
This project feels like a natural evolution for Patterson; Fotocrime is the next logical step for him in embracing his true sound, and Always Hell is just the beginning. (Independent)