Forest Swords Announces 'Engravings' LP

Forest Swords Announces 'Engravings' LP
UK producer Matthew Barnes has earned some attention for his Forest Swords project with prior EPs, and now he's getting ready to drop his first full-length record. Engravings is out on August 26 in the UK via Tri Angle.

After first arriving on the scene a few years ago, Barnes had to take a break from Forest Swords due to hearing issues. Instead, he pursued a smattering of low-key projects like sound commissions, co-working and production work, and side-project the Dyymond of Durham.

He eventually made his way back to Forest Swords and created Engravings over the course of a year. Rather than cloister himself in the studio, a press release explains, "Barnes mixed the entire record outdoors in the Wirral countryside on his laptop: as such, Engravings is a record that feels as exposed and organic as his immediate environment; beaches and bark, sand and soil."

The results find Barnes incorporating more voices (including choral elements) into his electronic sound. Below, check out the darkly atmospheric "The Weight of Gold," along with the previously unveiled album cut "Thor's Stone."

The album will be out on CD, double LP and digital download.


1. Ljoss

2. Thor's Stone

3. Irby Tremor

4. Onward

5. The Weight of Gold

6. An Hour

7. Anneka's Battle

8. The Gathering

9. Plumes

10. Friend, You Will Never Learn