Forest Swords Shares New Songs “Torch” and “Pearl of Hail”

From the same sessions that birthed last year's 'Bolted'

BY Kaelen BellPublished Apr 11, 2024

Forest Swords (the artist otherwise known as Matthew Barnes) has returned with new double single, "Torch / Pearl of Hail," both recorded in a warehouse in the English producer's home city of Liverpool. It's the first new music from Forest Swords since releasing Bolted last year.

"'Torch / Pearl of Hail' were siblings written as part of the Bolted album sessions, recorded in a factory studio space in Liverpool last winter, that deserved an extra life" Barnes wrote in a statement. "I'm trying to not have much music hanging around on hard drives gathering dust anymore, life's too short. This pair are a bit lighter and more spring-like than most of Bolted, but still share the same DNA."

The songs are jittery, somewhat brief instrumentals that feel like dispatches from the deeper folds of Barnes's brain. Whether or not they sound particularly light and spring-like is for you to decide.

Check them out below.

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