Foo Fighters Finally Find Someone Who Knows the Words to Their Michael Bublé Cover

Until their Outside Lands performance, they just hadn't met him yet

Photo via @AdmiralNeeda on YouTube

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 14, 2023

Foo Fighters are nothing if not adult contemporary connoisseurs. Amid their 2023 summer tour in support of But Here We Are, the band have been doing a cheeky little cover of perhaps the ultimate grocery store song — Michael Bublé's jaunty 2009 hit, "Haven't Met You Yet" — as part of their set in a medley showcasing new drummer John Freese's diverse catalogue, as he was the session drummer on the Bublé track.

The tour-long gag became something of an opportunity for fans to essentially do live karaoke, but it seems the majority of Foos concertgoers have struggled with knowing the words.

Performing at Outside Lands in San Diego this weekend, the band made sure they found a receptive, sparkling water-inclined audience by bringing none other than Canada's own Father Christmas on stage to do the song with them.

Dave Grohl spotted a "superfan" in the festival crowd holding an "I ❤️ Bublé" sign — not acknowledging that that fan was the singer himself — and invited him up to sing.

"This motherfucker better know the song," Grohl joked before they ran through the song together. At the end, he said, "Oh my god, It's Michael Bublé!"

The frontman continued, "I'm just gonna tell you something, and I'll make it fucking clear because we don't have a lot of time, for real, we've been doing that thing where people from the audience come up and say 'I know that fucking song,' and they walk up and they know the first verse, they don't know it."

"So this bad-ass motherfucker — and I'm not even kidding — flew in today from Argentina to fucking sing that song to you guys," Grohl added. "Because there's no such thing as taking a joke too far."

If his legendary rock beef with Paul McCartney hadn't managed to convince you already that Bublé is hard as nails, this ought to do it.

Watch fan footage of the performance below.


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