Foo Fighters In Your Honor

Not quite sure who the inspiration is for the songs on the Foos’ double-disc fifth record or its title (possibly wife and band documentarian Jordyn Blum), but the person should definitely feel honoured that it’s all for them. Dave Grohl’s songwriting hasn’t been this strong — and consequently no record has been as consistently good as this one — since the 1995 debut. The first disc is chock a block full of rock — the kind of Jack Daniels-and-adrenaline-fuelled, fist-pumping post-punk guitar rock that we know and love the band for. The first single, "Best of You,” is a good indicator of what’s inside, but it’s the full-frontal assault of "No Way Back” and Dag Nasty-sounding "The Last Song” that really stand out. The second disc is the mellower stuff that often either seems out of place or serves to break the pacing of other albums. It’s like a whole disc of previous semi-unplugged gems like "Big Me” and "Walking After You,” only better. There are new elements like strings to pretty things up, and even a waltzy drinking shanty ("Another Round”). Separating the two sides of the band is a brilliant strategy on Grohl’s part that pays off; he is a writer of both good rock and mellow acoustic songs, but sometimes the two need their own space and this record proves why. (Sony BMG)