Foo Fighters "Hot Buns" (video) (NSFW)

Foo Fighters 'Hot Buns' (video) (NSFW)
Foo Fighters are definitely not without a sense of humour, as we once again learn courtesy of their new NSFW-tagged video "Hot Buns."

Over on their website and at the price of your Facebook data, you can check out the newly revealed uncensored vid in support of the Foos' recent Wasting Light.

We don't want to ruin the surprise here, so we'll just tell you that if you've ever wanted to see Dave Grohl and co. butt-ass naked and dressed as some hillbilly trucker dudes in a shower room, well, you can check that one off the list.

Down below, you can also catch the censored version.

As previously reported, Foo Fighters are about to kick off a North American tour, which includes several Canadian dates. You can see the schedule here.