Florence and the Machine Details 'Ceremonials'

Florence and the Machine Details 'Ceremonials'
We already knew that Florence and the Machine's sophomore LP would be arriving this fall, and now we've got the details of the hotly anticipated album from the mega-successful Brit.

The new disc is called Ceremonials, and it contains 12 songs. Peruse the tracklist below and check out the tracklist below.

As previously reported, the album includes the dramatic single "What the Water Gave Me," which you can listen to at the bottom of this page. Producer Paul Epworth previously described the collection as "heavy, rhythmic," which is an apt description for the single.

The record is now reportedly slated for an October 31 release, which is a week before the originally planned day. This is only the UK release date -- Ceremonials will most likely arrive in North American stores the next day.


1. "Only If for Night"
2. "Shake It Out"
3. "What The Water Gave Me"
4. "Never Let Me Go"
5. "Breaking Down"
6. "Lover to Lover"
7. "No Light No Light"
8. "Seven Devils"
9. "Heartline"
10. "Spectrum"
11. "All This and Heaven Too"
12. "Leave My Body"