Floating Points / Various Late Night Tales

Floating Points / Various Late Night Tales
Once a staple of any electronic music fan's collection, the DJ mix has become a rare bird over the past decade. But UK label Late Night Tales has managed to stay relevant due to its ability to choose artistic curators based on their eclectic tastes. That's why the entry from Manchester jazzy electronic mastermind Sam Shepherd (aka Floating Points) is able to release 80 minutes of underground downbeat soul, ambient and dusty folk for his edition Late Night Tales.
Beginning with the ethereal waves of "Untitled, Live in Portland (Excerpt)," from Calgary experimental composer Sarah Davachi, the album moves into extremely rare early '70s crate digging finds from Ann Arbor garage band The Rationals ("Glowin'"), R&B keyboardist William S. Fischer ("Chains") and Bobby Wright's soul folk ("Blood of an American").
It's not until the final third of the compilation until the songs push away from this soulful format, moving into modern composers like Kara-Lis Coverdale ("Moments in Love"), Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith ("Milk") and Toshimaru Nakamura ("Nimb#59") before ending off with the set's obligatory cover song that finds Floating Points beautifully reinterpreting Canadian trumpet legend Kenny Wheeler's "The Sweet Time Suite, Part I – Opening."
On his Late Night Tales, Floating Points shows off his exceptional taste and curation skills, assembling a captivating set of songs that test just how "chill" a chill-out compilation can get. (Late Night Tales)