Flash Lightnin' Destello

Listening to Flash Lightnin’ is like taking a shot of whiskey without a chaser: you might have been a little leery that it’d be too much for you to handle at first but as soon as it’s going down you realize it’s just the right amount of Southern comfort. The Toronto, ON-based roots rockers aren’t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves on Destello, so if you’re into anything from ZZ Top to the Black Keys, this record is definitely for you. Darren Glover’s "I just smoked three packs” vocals are paired perfectly with his twang-tinged guitar, especially when they hit you straight out of the gate with "Coming On Strong.” It’s no wonder these three had a semi-permanent residency at the Dakota Tavern. Without them, the place might’ve been just another wood-panelled watering hole on Wednesday nights. (Pheromone)