The Flaming Lips Prep 'Freak Night' Concert Film, Share NSFW Trailer

The Flaming Lips Prep 'Freak Night' Concert Film, Share NSFW Trailer
The Flaming Lips' live shows are always a spectacle to behold, and soon, fans will be able to join the party from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the band's forthcoming concert film, Freak Night.

Currently, little is known about the concert flick, but it was filmed on October 26 at the Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre. It comes from Oklahoma production house Delo Creative.

The band have revealed a five-minute trailer for the film, which looks to contain plenty of dizzying visuals and, as always, singer Wayne Coyne walking over the crowd in his massive plastic bubble. Be forewarned that this trailer is NSFW, since it shows a topless woman in of those plastic bubbles, plus images of a vagina on the onstage screens.

It looks as if the film will be made available sometime this week, since Coyne tweeted a brief clip from the film last Thursday (December 13) and wrote, "More freaky shit from Freak Night!!! Comes out next week motherfuckers!!"

There's little confirmed information about what the film will contain, but you can check out the setlist for the show right here, so that's probably a start. Watch the trailer below.

Meanwhile, the Flaming Lips have reportedly been working on a new album, although more recent projects have included a radio drama, King Crimson covers LP, Yoshimi musical, and Ke$ha collaboration — and, of course, shutting down the Oklahoma airport with a grenade.