Flaming Lips' Pink Floyd Companion Album? It's an April Fool's Prank

Flaming Lips' Pink Floyd Companion Album? It's an April Fool's Prank
If you had your doubts, you were right. The Flaming Lips' recently delivered full-album companion piece to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon has been revealed to be part of a broader April Fool's Day joke.

While, honestly, the experimental soundscape the Lips produced to be played simultaneously alongside Pink Floyd's trippy classic seems pretty tame in comparison to older stunts like USB-loaded gummy skulls or the band's multi-platter Zaireeka project, comedy hub Funny or Die confirmed this latest tribute was a prank earlier today (April 1), launching an additional series of comedic videos to illustrate the point.

Down below, you'll find a boardroom meeting between the band brand and their management, discussing upcoming projects like a Michael Bay-helmed movie for Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. You'll also find an explosive faux trailer for the film and a "rehearsal" between the Lips and potential new lead singer Fred Armisen. All of these, of course, are jokes.

A fake story from FoD, billed as being from New York Magazine, has Coyne copping to skipping out on indie life and making things easier for himself by selling out to the mainstream.

His "statement" reads:

For years, my band, the Flaming Lips has set out to make interesting, original and ever-evolving music that is compelling and challenging to both ourselves and our fans. While other rock bands have been quick to embrace safe, familiar and commercially viable rock sounds, The Flaming Lips have always resisted the urge to "sell out". Until now. That's right, after talking it over with my new friend, doubles partner, and spiritual advisor, Alec Baldwin, I, Wayne Coyne, do hereby announce that I am retiring from indie life. I am ready to fully embrace the mainstream. I'm ready to go all in.

This piece goes nicely with another part of their April Fool's Joke, an advertorial for the band's brand new, no doubt delicious cereal, Flames and Lips.

You can check out all the zaniness down below.

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